Pricefinder for Real Estate Professionals

Pricefinder property reports provide a comprehensive snapshot of everything you need to know about a particular address. Get the latest property data to enhance your appraisals and prospect more efficiently with Pricefinder.

Real Estate Agents

Access the most comprehensive property intelligence and research tools to enhance your appraisals, build relationships and grow your business, giving your Vendors and buyers the confidence to make well-informed decisions.


Access the latest property data on the go or in your office to help identify comparable properties and better understand your surrounding market, enabling you to deliver fast and accurate valuations on any property in Australia.

Property Management

Use comprehensive local insights to enhance client retention activities and assist with building a rent roll.

Mortgage Brokers

Help your Clients make informed financial decisions with current and historical property data.


Utilise data-driven research to identify new opportunities and minimise risk when planning new projects.

Enterprise & Government

Powered by APM, Pricefinder data validation services drive insights to efficiently manage risk.


Pricefinder is our go-to resource for up to date market trends and property data. Captured through quick and easy reporting that includes fully branded comparative market analyses; this is our data solution for comprehensive market research and serves as a crucial element to gain business and achieve the best sales outcome for our clients

Pricefinder is trusted by some of the biggest brands in Real Estate

With market leading website and apps, property data is available where you need it most

Pricefinder for Enterprise

Pricefinder has data solutions to service a wide number of industries including; Banking, large enterprises, Government departments, Real Estate, Valuers, Developers as well as professional investors.


Dedicated solution specialists to streamline data use in Government Departments.


Powered by APM, Pricefinder provide research and data to drive insights for risk management.

Property Developers

Easy access to the latest property ownership, satellite imagery and mapping. Identify business opportunities using property data.

Utility & Energy

Integrate Pricefinder data with your local systems to increase business efficiency

Pricefinder is used by some of the biggest companies in Australia

With market leading website and apps, property data is available where you need it most


As a professional services consultant we use Pricefinder to help plan projects and advise our clients in the areas of transport, property and the environment. Pricefinder’s platform gives us access to comprehensive and accurate property data across Australia and is intuitive and easy to use. A particularly useful feature is its ability to quickly collect and compile ownership, land information and market data in bulk from a graphical screen-grab, saving us the significant time that would normally be required in manually selecting data, lot by lot. We use Pricefinder to help us undertake survey work, plan transport infrastructure projects and assist our developer clients to identify opportunities and select sites.