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What type of integrator are you? Our comprehensive API's have been used by many leading real estate technology companies throughout Australia for many years.

Please Note: Conditions of Use may apply. Pricefinder API's are not available for commercialisation. In most cases, the end user must be a member of Pricefinder to activate

Real Estate CRM

Are you are a Real Estate CRM looking to improve agent efficiencies by integrating rich property directly into your product.


Kick start your innovation with rich property data. Leverage the wide network of property professional using Pricefinder every day.


Are you are large business and wish to utilise Pricefinder property data to streamline your business internal systems.

Real Estate Groups

Streamline your networks efficiencies or create lead generation tools to drive captive sellers to your agents



Firstly, you will need access to the API. You can do this below. You can also use the API on behalf of mutual users of Pricefinder. Test your integration below.

Get access to the API

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Use the API on behalf of an end user

For most integrations (outside Enterprise and Real Estate Groups), you will need to authenticate every API request with the end user's Pricefinder credentials. To test how this works, follow the prompts below

POST /oauth2/token
Test your third party integration


Typical Use Cases

See the typical use cases for the Pricefinder API suite. If you need assistancel, reach out to one of our solution specialists.

Find an Address

In most integrations, you will have a property address. To utilise the Pricefinder API, you will need to convert that address to a property ID. With our /suggest endpoint you can create predictive property lookup features in your application to validate property addresses for your users. Once you have a property ID (or suburb ID), you can connect to other areas of Pricefinder.

GET /suggest

Property Details

This will provide everything you see on the Pricefinder property report. Once you have a property ID, you can view all details for the property in question from current owners (where permitted) to the full history of the property including all recent sales, listings and rentals etc.

GET /properties/{propertyId}/extended

Property Images

See all the images Pricefinder has for any given property. Our property photo history can go back up to 20 years in some cases. Alternatively you can see the history of floorplans and if we don't have a property image, you can view the streetview for the property or view a map of the property with dimensions.

GET /properties/{propertyId}/images
GET /properties/{propertyId}/images/floorplans
GET /properties/{propertyId}/streetview
GET /properties/{propertyId}/map

Price Estimate

Need to know what the property is worth? Connect to the Pricefinder Price Estimate (AVM) powered by Australian Property Monitors. The AVM used by some of the market leading financial institutions in Australia.

GET /properties/{propertyId}/avm

Nearby Sales & Listing Activity

See what's selling around any given property. Search our radial sales search to view nearby sales activity.

GET /properties/{propertyId}/radial/sales

You can also see nearby For Sale or Rental activity or properties surrounding.

GET /properties/{propertyId}/radial/rentals
GET /properties/{propertyId}/radial/listings
GET /properties/{propertyId}/radial/properties

School Zones & Development Applications

See which school zone a property is in or see what development applications are nearby.

GET /properties/{propertyId}/schools
GET /properties/{propertyId}/radial/developmentapplications

Suburb & Postcode Data

See all sales, for sale, for rent or properties in a given suburb or postcode.

GET /suburbs/{suburbId}/sales
GET /suburbs/{suburbId}/rentals
GET /suburbs/{suburbId}/listings
GET /suburbs/{suburbId}/properties

Don't want to search by suburb or postcode? You can search spatially via a polygon

GET /spatial/sales
GET /spatial/rentals
GET /spatial/listings
GET /spatial/properties


Get the median price for any suburb in the country.

GET /suburbs/{suburbId}/summary

Or create your own customised sales & rental growth charts

GET /suburbs/{suburbId}/stats/timeseries/sales/{propertyType}

Or create other statistical charts

GET /suburbs/{suburbId}/stats/timeseries/pricesegmentation/sales/{propertyType}
GET /suburbs/{suburbId}/stats/peaksellingperiods/{propertyType}

Suburb Flyover

Get all the stats for a given suburb in one simple API call. Create your own customised version of our Suburb Flyover

GET /suburbs/{suburbId}/flyover

Property Monitor

Be alerted to any property as it comes to market or gets sold.

POST /eventsubscriptions/properties

Single Sign On

Linking back to Pricefinder for given propertyid etc.

GET /sso/properties/{propertyId}