Sale & Rent Estimates

Generate a Sale & Rent Estimate for a House or Unit.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Log in to PriceFinder with your username & password
  • Under Property Search, enter any address in the country
  • Select the address to bring up the Property Report
  • Go the the Estimate tool (located on the left)
  • Check the Attributes and Property Type are correct
  • Click GO to run the PriceFinder Estimate Report
  • Select Comparable Sales and look through the photos
  • Select Comparable Rentals and look through the photos
  • Rate the Comparables (same, better or worse)
  • Remove and Replace comparables if necessary
  • Select Map to view where the comparables are situated
  • Select Print Report to generate a PDF

Training Resources

Download the Training Manual and upcoming Training Dates

PDF Training Dates