December 2016 – Product Release


Pricefinder for Prospecting

How do you find potential sellers? Do you use the blanket approach and market to all properties in your area or are you more strategic? With Pricefinder, it now makes it even easier to identify properties that are most likely to sell using targeted prospecting tools to help you prospect more efficiently and grow your business. Use the Pricefinder Prospecting tools to narrow your prospecting and start building quality relationships with people in your area that are more likely to sell soon.

Feature Release Highlights

  • Pricefinder now makes it easier to know more about who lives in your patch
  • Find properties in your market owned for a specific time. Which properties have the ‘Seven Year Itch’?
  • Find vendors that have listed a property that never eventuated in a sale
  • Identify listings over 60 days on market
  • Identify Private Sales

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Find properties in your market owned for a specific time

Quickly search by ‘Tenure’ or ‘Purchase Date’ in your target market to identify properties that have been owned for a certain period of time, that are most likely looking to sell.

Prospecting Tools

Withdrawn Listings

A prospecting tool that helps you identify vendors that have previously listed a property in your target market, but never resulted in a sale.

Withdrawn Listings

Withdrawn Listings

Listings Over 60 Days

Quickly identify properties that are for sale nearing expiration of listing exclusivity.

Expiring Listings

Expiring Listings


Your feedback is important to us. We have streamlined our feedback and data update options to make it easier to give us your feedback. Look out for the feedback icon on every page (bottom right hand corner). We listen to every piece of feedback we receive, many of which are driving the product direction to suit our users needs.